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AR / VR Development
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AR/VR/MR Development

We hold numerous patents on data access and service technologies and possess modular development capabilities. We hold a number of domestic and international technology patents, which allows us to assist in the expedient creation of content. This shortens time to market (TTM) lead times and relevant costs.

Glasses Development

Goggles - Product Development

Supports most VR goggles available on the market, such as Epson Moverio, HTC VIVE Focus, Jorjin AR Smart Glasses, and MAD Gaze AR.

Reality Marketing
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Virtual Marketing

We help clients create AR/VR content that is comprehensive and detailed. Product visuals are enriched to increase interest in the marketing content. This elevates sales communication and message delivery to target audiences.

Somatosensory Interaction
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Motion Sensing

Supports integration with most motion sensors available on the market. Interactive design has never been easier. Experience XR at its fullest potential.

Corporate Training

Corporate Training

MIFLY provides a wide range of training services and content on XR, including the latest global news and trends in the XR segment. Content can be customized to the requirements of the organization/department.

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Do you want to create your own unique digital content? MAKAR is a powerful browser engine and editing tool. Download in an instant and start creating AR/VR/MR content. You can also exchange ideas with other content creators on the platform.

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