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About Mifly

MIFLY was founded in 2014 with a strong foundation in technical know-how and R&D. MIFLY holds multiple invention patents and utility model patents, including graphical visualization technology, AI recognition technology, spatial positioning and cloud-to-local AVR technology. The patents enable technical support for MAKAR SDK. In 2018, MIFLY launched Taiwan’s first and only AR/VR/MR development engine, “MAKAR Editor.”


In response to exciting changes and possibilities brought forth by 5G technology, we are leading the charge in digital transformation by integrating diversified software and hardware integration and providing new and complete turnkey AR/VR/MR solutions, including support for various AR glasses, VR helmets, mobile phones, tablets, smart robots and other devices. At the same time, to address the impact to industries by the onset of global digital transformations, we remained at the forefront of the latest trends in 2021 by launching the "WebXR technical services," which eliminates the threshold of requisite app downloads. This accelerates marketing campaigns across the entire internet, from diverse communities such as FB, LINE, and IG to official websites through incorporating technologies such as WebAR/VR. The technical content was launched across markets in China, the Philippines, Canada, South Korea, Japan, etc.


We are spearheading a new world of innovation and creativity, breaking barriers and established conventions of the AR/VR/MR market in the past. From now on, let MIFLY lead you into the fantastic world of WebXR and soar freely between the real and the virtual dimensions.

MIFLY Achievements Timeline



in 2018

MAKAR Editor launches

in 2019

Canadian branch office established
China subsidiary company established in Pingtan, Fujian Province
Distributors in multiple global locations

Since 2020

MAKAR has accumulated over 30,000+ projects
with 25,000+ unique local and international users
Startup@Taipei Team
Taipei Int’l Startup Week Silver Prize/CHT Telecom Award/Philippines Accelerator Award
Business Angel Investment Program, National Development Fund, Executive Yuan
Taipei City Government Startup Subsidy Program
Cross Straits & China-U.S. Young Maker Competition Special Prize
Cross-Straits Entrepreneurship Competition 3rd Place
Asia VR&AR Golden Award
Asia VR&AR Best Application Award
COMPUTEX d&i Awards
InnoVEX Startup Terrace Special Prize
EduStartup 20+
Asia Smart App Awards - Lifestyle, Social, and Entertainment 3rd Place
Asia Pacific Telecom (APT) 5G Accelerator - Key Startup Incubation Project
i2i Scalerator Accelerator - Key Startup Incubation Project
NTPC-AWS Joint Innovation Center Key Startup Incubation Project
Education Market - National Educational App Recommendations, 2nd Place
MAKAR Editor - 2020 Senior/Vocational High School Hackathon (Ministry of Education) Official AR/VR/MR Software


MAKAR 3D Sacn檔案產品發佈
關於米菲_內容_工作區域 1 複本.png

Our vision

MIFLY’s strong R&D and innovation team and expertise in digital marketing and business services, enable us to work closely with each customer from the drawing board. We continue to refine and finetune content and together ensure the information and content to be conveyed more vivid and distinct. With the solid backing of our self-developed technologies, we can help you create your exclusive digital communications channels to elevate brand equity and interactions.

The Team



Roger Lu

Product Managers

Lina Tasi

Product Research and Development Department

PoYuan Huang

Technology Development Department

HsiangTing Fei
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