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Sanzhi Junior High School "Water and Fire VR Interactive Learning" | XR application case

VR teaching helps prevent crises, and students answer questions immersively and lively!

Project applications: VR situations, VR interactive modes

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Crisis management and disaster prevention are an indispensable part of education. In the past, schools would arrange firefighting courses to enhance students' basic abilities in this area. This time, Miffy and Sanzhi Junior High School created "Water and Fire Ruthless VR Interactive Learning", which is like today's XR teaching materials VR, interactive Q&A, 3D objects, etc. are generally used to allow students to effectively enhance their awareness of disaster risks in the virtual world.

Interactive question-answering process improves students’ crisis awareness

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▲The process of answering questions

Through switching between different scenarios, students need to complete the answers within time. The questions range from how to use a hair dryer to where to place a gas bucket. From the process of answering, students can understand that any small mistake may lead to serious consequences. The fuses that cause fires are used to learn disaster prevention concepts through interesting answers, so that students can be in a happy learning atmosphere.

Immersive learning cases, VR scenes are vividly presented

場景從危機轉正常+mifly logo.gif

▲The scene changes from crisis to normal

This case uses the home environment as an example and cites a place where the space may be dangerous, such as the living room, balcony, kitchen, bathroom, etc. As long as you complete the answers within the time, the scene will change from a crisis atmosphere to normal, and the 3D objects will also follow. The questions will be presented dynamically, allowing students to learn in lively teaching. Although it is a VR project, students can play the entire interactive experience as long as they have mobile phones, iPads and other vehicles.  

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