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Training Workshops

2020 Taipei City Government Knowledge Academy - AR Food Menu

Department of Economic Development, Taipei City Government

Ningxia Night Market and Yongkang Shopping District feature mostly streetside vendors, restaurants, and shops selling souvenir gifts. In 2020, Taipei City Government Knowledge Academy launched the “Revitalizing Shopping Districts” themed workshops, where participants can learn how to make “AR menus” and transform their products into 3D. In the Ningxia Night Market, Li Zhang Bo Spicy Stinky Tofu has designed a new "Reward Points Card" in order to promote new items and branch stores. In the Yongkang Shopping District, the famed eel restaurant “OHARUDA” shared images of a virtual torii gate in front of their store on social media. You don’t have to travel overseas to experience an authentic Japanese experience. The social media buzz created by this virtual effect will boost attention to the store’s highlights. (Source: OHARUDA Yongkang Store)

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