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Huaisheng Elementary School "XR Bilingual Campus Tour" | XR Application Cases

A one-stop digital learning project that allows students to enjoy all aspects of AR/VR!

Project applications: VR campus tour, AR question and answer mode, AR image recognition


As the metaverse becomes more and moreAs it becomes more and more popular, XR teaching materials are also booming., Miffy and Taipei City Huaisheng Elementary School jointly plan a series of XR learning experiences, such as campus 360 English tour, AR cabin English situation, AR Huaisheng Pokémon, AR world time zone, conveying Huaisheng through Miffy's technology The teaching philosophy of elementary schools allows children to learn in interesting situations.

Miffy’s 360 panoramic shooting and production of VR campus tour


▲Huaisheng Elementary School VR campus tour

Using VR360 technology to capture panoramic views of campus attractions, we created an exclusive VR360 campus tour for Huaisheng Elementary School. As long as you interact with the 3D baby during the experience, the baby will explain various locations on the campus in English. In addition to integrating English knowledge into students' immersive learning experience, it also provides a VR campus tour experience for VIPs visiting the school.

Use AR question and answer technology to easily learn world time zones


▲Huaisheng Elementary School AR world time zone

Time zone conversion has always been one of the must-learn knowledge for elementary school students. This time, Miffy technology was used to create an AR world time zone project, and each question was set to a fixed time. If the time cannot be converted in time, students can also use the AR clock Seeing the prompts makes the whole answering process easy and interesting. For students, time difference conversion is no longer a problem of paper arithmetic. Digital learning has become a trend.

In the cabin English situation and pregnant Pokémon, AR image recognition is at its best!


▲AR cabin English situation and AR pregnant Pokémon

Regarding the AR cabin English situation, in order to allow students to have immersive English learning, students scan the image and enter a series of boarding situations. Through the designed interactive dialogue, students naturally understand the English dialogue during boarding; and AR Huan The baby Pokémon also uses image recognition technology. After scanning the animal on the picture, the 3D animal will appear immediately, vividly and three-dimensionally presenting the English spelling and pronunciation of the animal.

Customized 3D technical services to enrich customers’ imagination of the metaverse


▲3D pregnant baby

Baby Huaisheng serves as the exclusive character IP of the campus for this project. He is also present in various scenes of this project. For Huaisheng Elementary School, he is an important mascot representing the school’s appearance. However, Baby Huaisheng was originally As 2D objects, in order to make each project more three-dimensional, Miffy used customized 3D technology to turn the pregnant baby into a 3D object, and added vivid movements to the objects to make a series of AR and VR experiences more For three-dimensional.

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